1. Ahrefs– It is highly used for organic traffic research. It will show you the backlinksof every website out there, which makes it great to dig into the SEO strategy of your competitors. There’s also keyword explorer, which can be a great help to determine the keywords you should be targeting. When you’ve identified your keywords, Ahrefs’ rank tracking tool can give you day-to-day updates on your ranking for your keywords.


  1. Hemingway App– Must-have if you’re serious about creating great content. Hemingway will analyse a piece of text and grade it on readability. It does so by taking into account stuff like complex sentences, use of adverbs, use of passive voice and common spelling errors. We use it to make sure our content is easy on the eye and suited for publication.


  1. Mixmax– MixMax is the tool to turbocharge your Gmail. We use it alongside MailChimp because it sends emails from your Gmail and not from the MailChimp server. This makes it better for personal emails, as they won’t end up in the ‘Promotions’ tab of your recipient’s Gmail account. It also gives you more power in setting up email sequences; it allows you for example to break off a sequence when a recipient has responded to your first email. Other than that, it’s filled with cool features to spice up emails: slash commands, email templates, email and click tracking, embedded surveys/polls and an awesome meeting scheduler.


  1. Stripe– The friend that takes care of your online payments. No effort required from your side whatsoever, Stripe has you covered. Very easy to work with and useful with different subscription plans. Link it up with Slack to get it to tell you in real-time when your money is flowing in.


  1. Slack – Slack has basically become every employee’s best friend at work. It’s kind of a central hub where everything comes together. It’s a better way to organize and coordinate team communications. Have a gazillion of bots automatically keep you notified of everything happening throughout one’s business. It’s an ever-changing blackboard filled with output of your team’s efforts, from every possible corner of your endeavors.


  1. Proofhub – With a powerful set of features that a business needs, ProofHub leads the charge as one of the most beautiful task management software in the market today. The user friendly interface and almost zero learning curve makes it a perfect fit for teams that are looking to get straight to work without investing too much time on training and how to use the tool.


  1. Hootsuite –  Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that’s beloved by startups for its easy interface and affordable price. Schedule posts across platforms, measure your social ROI, and keep track of impact, all in one place.

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