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A four decade old BLS Group which was posthumous featured in Forbes as being one of Asia’s Best under a Billion and with a global presence in over 62 countries with diversified range of services in polymers and petrochemicals, education, electronics, asset management, visa processing and management consulting and is the only company in its domain to be listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. At BLS Accelerator, our vision is clear — helps passionate entrepreneurs grow their startups into strong, scalable & successful companies. Started in the mid 2018 and based out in Delhi, we partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who have deep domain expertise, principally in India, to provide their earliest institutional funding and work side-by-side to help launch and scale their new ventures. But, it is our conviction that we must provide more than just capital.
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Our Vision

Let’s face it, building a company is hard, especially the first year when there are limited resources, nor little support, and frankly all you have is you (maybe a co-founder) and the belief that you can do great things. That’s when we come in – we are always the first investor in companies, but more importantly, we are there for you: in our offices, together with you, figuring stuff out. We equip innovators and organizations alike with the entrepreneurship skills required to succeed, using methodologies that transcend traditional learning, educate & promote all entrepreneurship related stakeholders, including start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators, research centers, startup resources etc.

Our Specialties

The BLS Accelerator program is simply one of the fastest ways to build a high growth business and get funded. As a startup, you will get there by figuring out if you are working on something that people really want, build products that your users will love and demonstrate early signs of product-market fit.
Hence, the participation in the program comes with an added benefit of a commitment with a lot of exposure.


The startups get mentored by the core team - accomplished entrepreneurs - with focus on product-market fit, operating-at-scale, sales & marketing, go to market.


Startups get access to the repository of knowledge garnered by the core team over years of working with large, global enterprise customers across different industry verticals. They get deep insights on technology & industry trends and what customers want.


We make sure that our cohort startups are connected to the most relevant B2B tech investors – angels, seed funds, early-stage VCs. Our network of investors is spread across Asia, Middle East and USA. We connect startups to investors on a case to case basis.

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